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Women Running the World - Rough Blocking

The shot that I am working on is just something to add to my reel. It’s another ten-second shot to an audio clip that I found from a movie. The audio is from In Like Flint, and it’s actually one that I’ve been hanging onto for a while. I’ve had it laying around since one of my classes at Animation Mentor, for a monologue assignment, but my mentor didn’t like the idea, so I went with another one.

"There’s nothing to worry about. By this time tomorrow, women will be running the world! And then you’ll see how quickly everything will settle down."

In the original scene from the movie, the woman is an adult and she has kind of a deeper, older-woman sounding voice. When I was trying to figure out what my shot was going to be about, I decided that the best way to make the the shot entirely different from the movie was to turn her into a little girl, and instead of Flint, I was going to have this little interrogating her teddybear.

After a couple minutes in Audacity, I was able to change the pitch of her voice (and trying not to make her sound too much like a chipmunk), and after a couple hours in Maya, I was able to piece together a pretty decently looking teddybear and set. Next, I whipped out my video camera and tripod, and shot some reference video — which will never see the light of day.

Here is the (extremely) rough blocking of my shot:

Over the weekend, I’m going to add a lot more keyframes, moving into the "blocking-plus" phase. I will post more of this shot as soon as there is something to show.

UPDATE: Here is a new version of the same animation. The only thing that changed was the camera.

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